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In style admin I have deleted an entire window section by accident, instead of deleting just one window sytle. Can i get this back?

No, you cannot undo this. You do however get asked if you are sure that you want to delete a product before it gets removed.

If the product you deleted was one of the defaults, re-installing the software will bring it back, but it won't bring back any infomation that you added yourself.

The key thing to do is to back-up your Style data folder often incase of problems like this. This folder can be found here on your computer:


More information on backing up your ComfortableStyle data can be found here:

How do I backup my ComfortableStyle DATA?

Instructions on re-instating a ComfortableStyle DATA backup can be found here:

How do I restore a backup of my ComfortableStyle DATA?

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Last update: 2010-09-24 12:03
Author: Comfortable Support
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