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How do I change the VAT rate in Style v1- v3

Changing the VAT rate in Style (v1 - v3) is very simple. Do as follows:

  1. Load the Style Admin program located in your start menu:
    \Start Menu\Programs\\Style (Your version number)\Style Admin

  1. In Style Admin left click on the 'Settings' tab at the top of the program window.

  2. Double-Left-Click on the field to the right of the Tax Rate 1 label, so that it becomes editable

  3. Type in the new VAT value, e.g. 15

  4. Left-click on the SAVE button

  5. Exit Style Admin.



That's it. Now any new quote or order will use this new rate.

Please bear in mind, if you re-edit an existing quote or order, it will re-calculate the cost using the new VAT rate.

The Style Admin 'Settings' page is also explained in the “Style Admin Setup Guide” located in your start menu here:

\Start Menu\Programs\\Style (Your version number)\Guides\Style (Your version number) Setup Guide

On Style v3 the page number is 58, although this will vary slightly if you have a previous version.

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Last update: 2008-11-25 14:31
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