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How do I define my default conservatory options for panels, brick images etc?

Default Conservatory options are set up via the 'System Setup' area and can save you a massive amount of time in front of customers. You can set up defaults for the internal wall, external wall, plynth texture and height, dwarf wall height, floor image, window board image, skirting board image, default panel type and default raked panel type.

Setting all these options greatly decreases the time to configure your typical conservatory.

To set up your conservatory 'Default' options in ComfortableConservatories v3 (or higher) simply do the following:

  1. On the ComfortableConservatories entry screen (the one with 'New', 'Edit Quote' & 'Edit Order'), left click on the setup button System Set up buttonand you will then see the 'Setup' dialogue.
  2. Within the 'Setup' dialogue you will see a button called 'Defaults', left-click on this button to load the 'Conservatory Default Settings' dialogue.
  3. On the 'Conservatory Default Settings' dialogue you will see all the default settings that can be set.
    • For default images left-click on the square button with 3 dots within it to the right of each option. You can then navigate the conservatories bitmap directory to locate the desired default image.
    • For dimensions on the relevant default option simply type the dimension in the space provided. The number 1 = 1mm so for 200mm you would type 200 (without the mm on the end).
    • Some defaults have a check box alongside them, if the checkbox is ticked it will always use the option, if it is un-ticked the associated default option will be turned off.
    • Configure the above defaults that you want set.
  4. Left-click on the OK button within the 'Conservatory Default Settings' dialogue.
  5. Left-click on the OK button within the 'Setup' dialogue.

The defaults will now be set.

The above is true for both ComfortableConservatories v3 and v4; earlier versions do not have this function.

The 'Conservatory Default Settings' and other defaults  (such as the quote and order numbering system) are both explained in the ComfortableConservatories operators guide located in the following location within your computers start menu:

Start/All Programs/ version number)/Guides/Operators Guide 


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