An event is the term we use for each and every action that happens as part of your sales process...
When a prospect contacts your company, when you contact a prospect, when you receive an email or letter or when you send an email or letter, each one of the aforementioned are classed as an 'event'. Each event that takes place can be logged on ComfortableContacts and provide the building blocks for your customers history with your company.
   Typical events that can be set up include:
  • Phone call (made or received)
  • Email (sent or received)
  • Fax (sent or received)
  • Web Enquiry
  • Media sent (e.g. you sent your brochure)
  • Sale
  • Notes
Each event can also have many questions associated to it.
   For instance a 'Sale' event could have these questions:
  • Sales Person (the person who sold the product)
  • Price (The price the product was sold for)
  • The product that was sold
    The above outlines only a few of the possible events and event questions that can be added.

    Events are associated to leads.
    Events are automatically associated to the lead selected by the user updating the system.

    Events can launch tasks
    Events can also be set to launch the built-in task manager when they are selected by a user. E.g. if a sale event is entered the task manager could be launched so the user can assign a task to another user to proceed with the next stage of an order.

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