A user is the term we use for each employee of your company who will use this system.
Each user is assigned a 'user level', this will define the restrictions a user is bound by when using the system.
The 3 types of user level are:
  • Administrator - Can modify any settings on the system, change data and use the audit log.
  • Power User - Can modify data options but have no access to either data set up or audit log.
  • User - The standard user type can add new detail and view existing detail. Standard users cannot change data entered by another user, but can make changes to data entered by themselves.
As many users as required can be added for your company.
When logged in to the system, each user is automatically stamped associated to any event that they have entered. This speeds up sales lead management by always knowing which user added an event. If there is a problem relating to an event you know straight away who to talk to first.
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