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How do I change the currency symbol in ComfortableStyle and on reports?

The latest version of ComfortableStyle allows you to set the currency symbol using the Style Admin program that comes with the software.

To do this please follow these instructions, or those found within the last few pages of the software manual.
  1. Load the StyleAdmin program from your start-menu:
    \Start Menu\Programs\\ComfortableStyle\Style Admin
  2. In the Style Admin interface which loads, press the "Settings" tab
    You will be prompted with a message that says "The changes to the product must be saved before continuing. Save changes now?", simply press the Yes button on this message.
  3. A list of options will appear under the settings tab. Move your mouse pointer over the field alongside the "Currency Symbol" and Left click your mouse button on the current setting. This will become editable.
  4. Now simply type your new symbol in to this field.
    Please note: If you do not see the symbol that you require on your keyboard you can copy and paste it from another source to this field. e.g. From a web page, word document, windows character map or another source.
  5. Finally a Save button will appear, press it and then exit the StyleAdmin program.
    Your new symbol should now appear when using ComfortableStyle and on any applicable reports that are obtained from the system.

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Last update: 2010-03-29 17:31
Author: Comfortable Support
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