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How do I restore a backup of my ComfortableStyle DATA?

To re-instate a previous back up of ComfortableStyle 'DATA' to a freshly installed version of ComfortableStyle do the following:

  1. Make sure that the following is true:
    a. You have installed a new 'clean' copy of ComfortableStyle to your system

    b. Make sure the new version of ComfortableStyle that you have installed is the same version number that you have backed up DATA for. And that you are licensed for the newly installed version.

    c. Make sure you run the latest updates for your installed version from our website.

  2. Load 'Windows Explorer'
    \Start Menu\All Programs\Accessories\Windows Explorer

  3. Navigate to this location:

  4. Inside the C:\comfortable\Style\v1 folder you will see a new 'DATA' folder on the right-hand side of the screen. Move your mouse pointer over this folder and press your right mouse button. 

  5. On the menu that now appears, left click on the DELETE option. And click on 'YES' to delete the folder if prompted. 

  6. Now using windows explorer, navigate to the location where you copied your previous 'DATA' folder back up to. 

  7. Press your right-mouse button on your back up 'DATA' folder and select COPY. 

  8. Navigate back to this location:

  9. Press your right-mouse button on the right hand side of your screen (within the v1 folder) and select PASTE. This will copy your data folder back up in to your new ComfortableStyle installation. 

  10. Close all windows and run your software as normal!

For more information on backing up your ComfortableConservatories DATA please refer to this FAQ record:

How do I backup my ComfortableStyle DATA?

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