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How do I add my company logo and information to the Style system?

When Style is installed to your system it installs with a default 'example' company logo and information.

There are 3 different logos that are shown on various reports for Style (depending on your version) and are added as stated below.

To replace the 'Rlogo.jpg' and 'minilogo.jpg' shown on certain reports:

  1. Start by creating your own logo either from new in a paint package or scanned in from a high quality source.
  2. For the big rectangular logo, your logo should be sized to 1232 pixels wide by 61 pixels high for best results as this is the actual area for the logo, although the report will scale different sizes and keep their proportions. This logo must be saved as a jpeg .jpg) and the file must be called 'RLogo.jpg'.
  3. For the small (mini) rectangular logo, your logo should be sized to 697 pixels wide by 184 pixels high for best results; however the report will scale in different sizes and keep their proportions. Due to the size of this, you may wish to create a different logo showing less information (depending on your logo). This logo must be saved as a jpeg (.jpg) and the file must be called 'minilogo.jpg'.
  4. Copy both logos to the following folder on your computer:
    C:\comfortable\YOUR VERSION OF STYLE\DATA\reports (you will be asked if you wish to replace the logo that exists, it is important that you say yes.)

Both logos will now appear on the applicable reports.

To replace the square logo show on some reports and the text based company information you must use the Style Admin tool. Information on this can be found in the 'Company Details' chapter of the 'Style Admin Setup Guide'. This guide is available in from your start menu after installation. The guide will be in this location:

Start/All Programs/ Version Number)/Guides

ComfortableSoftware offer a service to make your existing logo's compatible with Style, should you have a problem. This involves you sending either a digital version or a high quality letterhead for us to scan and adjust. The service costs £50 (ex vat & P&P) per logo. You will then be sent an automatic installation for your logo(s) when complete.

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Last update: 2007-11-06 13:36
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